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Dynatrace earns AWS Security Competency for superior threat defence
Wed, 29th Nov 2023

Dynatrace has secured the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency, a noteworthy accomplishment signifying the company's expertise in helping clients actively rectify vulnerabilities and defend against threats across their AWS settings.

The recognition marks the unified observability and security platform as a trusted solution for organisations to identify, resolve, and defend against threats to their AWS environments. The Dynatrace platform's application security attributes include serviceable features such as runtime vulnerability analytics, providing real-time identification and prioritisation of significant risk vulnerabilities in production environments.

Moreover, Dynatrace's platform includes runtime application safeguards that identify and prevent application attacks, including SQL injection, command injection, and JNDI attacks. These capabilities complement Dynatrace's Davis AI and extensive automation capacities, assisting customers to proactive risk reduction and automation of remediation, instilling confidence in their capability to deliver innovation.

Dynatrace's achievement of the AWS Security Competency expands upon their existing relationship with AWS, as indicated by its other AWS Competency designations. These include the AWS Cloud Operations Competency, AWS Government Competency, AWS Migration and Modernization Competency, AWS Machine Learning in Applied AI Competency, AWS Container Competency, and AWS DevOps Competency.

Luca Domenella, the Head of Cloud Operations and DevOps at Soldo, commented on the significance of this partnership, stating, "Dynatrace and AWS play a pivotal role in optimising the performance of our digital services while maintaining a high level of security and cost efficiency. As our cloud environment continues to scale, our teams naturally encounter increasing complexity and heightened risk. Dynatrace provides us with unparalleled insight into our digital ecosystem, allowing us to proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities in real-time."

The AWS Security Competency allows customers to identify validated AWS Partner Network (APN) members who provide technology that aids organisations in adopting, developing, and deploying complex security solutions on AWS. Partners boasting an AWS Security Competency possess deep technical expertise in AWS security and can demonstrate customer success in safeguarding the cloud journey with their software and service offerings.

Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace, voiced his pride over the latest accomplishment saying, "Securing our customers' cloud environments is our top priority as they face a rapidly evolving threat landscape and risk of cyberattacks. We are proud to have achieved the AWS Security Competency. This recognition reinforces our position as a trusted AWS partner and is a testament to our AI-powered approach to identifying, blocking, and investigating vulnerabilities in hybrid and multi-cloud environments."