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Cythera marks five years as leading mid-market cybersecurity provider in Australia
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Cythera, an Australian cybersecurity firm, is celebrating its fifth year of operation. Since its inception, Cythera has evolved into a cybersecurity expert with a team of over 30 dedicated professionals adhering to an 'onshore only' delivery model. This expansion has involved catering to businesses in the mid-market sectors with a suite of comprehensive security services.

Cythera was established with a specific vision: to provide sophisticated cybersecurity services to mid-market-sized enterprises facing enterprise-grade cybersecurity threats. The company was Co-Founded by Craig Joyce, Euan Prentice, Tim Sank and Ben Cuthbert, a group previously part of O2 Networks.

The group identified the need for a dynamic, cloud-centric Security Operations Center (SOC) and security services suite catering to mid-market businesses. Today, Cythera's unique offering combines affordability and cutting-edge technology.

Speaking about the journey so far, Craig Joyce, Co-founder and Director, said, "During the early stages of Cythera, we faced the hurdles of building market awareness and identifying technologies that could grow yet remain financially feasible for small and medium enterprises with budget and resource constraints."

"Our consistent pursuit of excellence in security, along with extensive testing and strategic partnerships, played a key role in navigating these challenges."

Euan Prentice, another Co-founder and Director of Cythera, added, "Our most notable key milestones are the significant customer wins, with a focus on those early-stage customers who took a risk in signing with us while we were relatively unknown."

"These customers put a huge amount of trust in us, and we strived to exceed expectations. We have continued working with these customers, protecting their environments from malicious attacks every day."

Ben Cuthbert, Services Director, emphasised that Cythera's strength lies not just in its technological expertise but also in the people powering it. He said, "The strength of Cythera lies in the exceptional team and the curious mindset we bring to each threat scenario."

"Investing in a team with robust skills from coding to API fluency and threat hunting allows us to implement automation, enrichment and threat intelligence feeds. This frees up our people to move from 'routine security tasks' into deep-thinking and explorative security workflows."

Future growth looks bright for Cythera as its commitment to protecting customers against breaches has garnered attention from potential clients across the nation, resulting in consistent demand for its services.

In anticipation of 2024, Tim Sank, Co-founder and Sales Director of Cythera expressed optimism about the company's expansion. With the establishment of new offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth, Cythera is well-positioned for continued growth.

Sank emphasised that their approach to cybersecurity goes beyond mere technological solutions. "Looking ahead into 2024, Cythera is poised for further growth with the strengthening of our new offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth," said Sank. 

"For us, providing cybersecurity capability is not just about technological solutions; it's about understanding and addressing the specific requirements of each customer regardless of their organisation size or security maturity."