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CyberCX consolodates 15 business units into 1 with new integration

01 Sep 2020

CyberCX, a cybersecurity provider based in Australia, has announced the integration of its business on a single platform powered by ERP and professional services automation company FinancialForce.

Formed last year, CyberCX is currently consolidating 15 of Australia’s independent cybersecurity companies under a single national footprint, and recently launched in New Zealand with a full suite of services after acquiring Gen2 Consulting last December.

Being 100% native to the Salesforce platform means FinancialForce can provide CyberCX with the native integration necessary to enable automation for project delivery, supply chain management, resource management and financial management on one platform.

With such an integration on hand, CyberCX can work to bring together these 15 disparate entities and integrate core business data onto a single, unified system. 

“To provide quality outcomes for our clients we need to drive consistency across our delivery teams,” says CyberCX chief information officer Stephen Thickitt. 

“CyberCX is relentlessly focused on providing an amazing customer experience. FinancialForce will provide our business with valued insights and controls across resourcing planning, delivery management and billing in an integrated system from opportunity to cash collection. 

“Decision making and calls to action will be made in real-time with 360-degree visibility into all customer engagements,” says Thickett.

“And, given our work in security, maintaining all our data in a single platform eliminates the risk involved with moving data from one system to another.”

2020 has seen soaring severity and instances of cybersecurity incidents, and naturally the demand for security software, professionals, remote monitoring solutions, and managed services continues to grow. 

This has created a greater need for a customer-centric business model from cybersecurity vendors to help manage services, subscriptions, billing through revenue recognition and accounting for their fast-changing business.  

FinancialForce managing director for Asia Pacific Simon Peterson says its new integration with CyberCX will enable the cybersecurity company to benefit from faster data flows, better resource allocation and utilisation, improved governance, greater visibility, the ability to forecast, and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.

“We are delighted that CyberCX has selected FinancialForce and Salesforce to bring together its disparate businesses units and consolidate its mission-critical data and processes on a single platform,” says Peterson. 

“CyberCX is delivering end-to-end cybersecurity services powered by investments in centralised systems, processes and tools that enable its frontline teams to focus on what they do best—deliver great services to valued customers. 

“The combination of FinancialForce and Salesforce provides CyberCX the ideal platform to accomplish this mission and grow its business exponentially.”

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