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Cequence Security & Vercara to enhance API protection
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

Cequence Security, an innovative provider in the realm of API security, has announced a partnership with Vercara, a leading cloud-based services firm. The collaboration is set to bolster Vercara's network and application protections with the addition of Cequence Security's Unified API Protection (UAP) platform, addressing every phase of the API security lifecycle in a single package.

Vercara’s services will now incorporate the Cequence UAP platform – the only security offering targeting every stage of API protection. This includes the discovery of the entire API attack landscape, minimizing known and unknown API security risks, and defending APIs from cyber threats. Coupled with Vercara's UltraWAF and UltraDDoS Protect services, these advancements will provide businesses the flexibility to securely scale applications. In addition, the partnership guarantees a 24/7 security operations team composed of expert cybersecurity professionals for real-time, industry-recognised support.

The continued growth and diverse deployments of API applications across varying cloud providers presents significant challenges for security teams striving to protect against cyber threats. Unchecked and inadequately protected APIs can create serious vulnerabilities, leaving them open to exploitation. Cequence Security’s UAP platform offers a thorough discovery of the complete API attack surface, capturing both internal and external APIs. This exhaustive platform guarantees compliance with security best practices and presents real-time protection against API attacks.

"The lack of API protection exposes businesses to potential theft, fraud, non-compliance, and business disruptions", warned Carlos Morales, SVP Solutions at Vercara. He expressed that through their partnership with Cequence, they can deliver "advanced, holistic protection", ensuring businesses can securely deploy necessary applications and deal with the complex landscape of API security.

Arun Gowda, VP, Business Development at Cequence Security, stressed that the prime risk of data compromise in API breaches goes beyond external APIs to internal ones, often accessing sensitive data not intended for public exposure. "APIs have changed the game for attackers, making it imperative to prioritize the security of all assets accessible through APIs, including those not expected to be publicly exposed," Gowda said.

Additionally, Gowda is delighted to blend their revolutionary API security solutions with Vercara's robust WAF and DDoS services, ensuring comprehensive API protection. He notes this collaboration demonstrates Cequence's dedication to proffering unrivalled security measures for businesses that rely heavily on APIs.

The Cequence Security's UAP platform espouses a threefold approach in handling API security lifecycle: a continuous API attack surface discovery management product assessing application footprint; a security posture management product identifying potential API security risks; and a protection feature that uses advanced machine learning rules to detect and prevent sophisticated automated API attacks.