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Australian firms can now register for RatifyID, a trusted digital identity app
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

Australia-based firms can now begin registering for the country's only Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) certified application, RatifyID. Developed by Makesure Consulting Pty Ltd, the digital identity verification platform is engineered to boost the integrity of identity and provide businesses with the essential tools to control and prevent fraud.

Identity deception has blown up into a billion-dollar industry in Australia. The introduction of this modern technology empowers customers with command over their personal details while providing enterprises with the necessary capabilities to flag client issues or halt fraud in real-time.

Rob Wallace, the Director of Makesure Consulting, commented: "RatifyID puts the customer in control of their personal information and provides the business sector with the technology to prevent fraud, or flag customer issues, in real-time."

The app is not only available for individuals to download from the App Store and Google Play, but enterprises can also now register to secure early access to the platform come January 2024.

Moreover, Makesure Consulting has made strides by successfully fulfilling TDIF accreditation for the RatifyID platform, as stipulated by the Australian government. RatifyID is the fifth private-sector service to secure accreditation under the TDIF.

ID verification is a norm in business transactions. The need to verify identity is ubiquitous. From banks authenticating customer identity to hotels checking in guests, car rental firms scrutinising licences, or even healthcare practices affirming a patient's Medicarequitous. The Australian government's document verification service, ID Match, was utilised more than 140 million times by 2,700 organisations in the previous year.

Eliminating the need for companies to authenticate a customer's identity at every interface, RatifyID is reusable, secure, safe, and efficient. "The RatifyID platform is designed to meld perfectly with Customer Relationship Management systems and fraud mechanisms to provide a seamless onboarding experience for the customer," states Rob Wallace.

The framework enables businesses to confirm the authenticity of an individual's identity without the onus or risk of managing sensitive data. "Businesses can confidently confirm the authenticity of an individual's identity without the responsibility or risk of managing sensitive information. Furthermore, RatifyID can help businesses meet parts of the Australian Government's 'Know Your Customer' obligations more effectively," concludes Rob Wallace.

As such, the advent of the RatifyID platform sets a new standard for security ID services in the market.