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Story image launches channel partner programme

11 Nov 2020

AI-based sustainable data discovery and management platform provider has launched the Channel Partner Program. 

IT resellers with a large B2C base and more than 2,500 users can now supplement their security suite offerings with the Inventa solution.’s existing partners include Eversec Group, Atlantic Data Security, Etek Novared, Arrow and more.

Many IT resellers offer robust security suites, but lack sustainable data discovery and privacy solutions, leaving their customers vulnerable to breaches and non-compliance fines. enables partners to shore up their solutions with Inventa, a network-based data discovery and classification platform that automatically discovers all sensitive data within an organisation no matter where it is located – at rest or in motion, known or unknown, semi-structured, structured or unstructured.

“Resellers are excited by Inventa because it’s not just another firewall or endpoint security solution; it’s a brand new concept with high current relevance they can offer to their C-Suite customers. You can’t secure what you can’t see. Inventa enables enterprises to quickly and effortlessly find all of their hidden data so they can put security measures behind it,” says CEO and founder of Zak Rubinstein.’s Inventa leverages network analytics, natural language processing, and supervised artificial intelligence to continuously identify sensitive data and accurately catalogue it in near real-time. 

This empowers enterprises to comply with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and all other data privacy regulations quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.’s new partner portal enables resellers to access and co-brand pre-recorded demos, technical conversations, presentations, PoC documentation and other marketing materials for sales and marketing purposes. 

In addition, has available co-marketing dollars for joint events.

“Strengthening privacy and security posture is now more important than ever. By partnering with, the industry-leading provider of scalable data discovery, we are delivering a robust privacy and security solution for our customers,” says partner Eversec Group CEO Stephen Harrison. is a U.S. headquartered and Israeli-based technology company providing automated real-time discovery, mapping, and tracking of personal data flow. 

Its founders have 20 years of experience developing successful networking and security technologies and bringing them to market. combines technology from the fields of unique personal data discovery and dynamic network element discovery.

In October, was named “Enterprise Risk Management Solution of the Year” in the fourth annual CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards programme.

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