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Webinar traffic driver package
Quickly push up your webinar registrations by driving traffic directly to the registration page

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Your sponsored link appears on our website homepages and on every story page. We will work with you to determine the best sites in our network for it to appear on. This will enable the best possible targeting.

Each sponsored link looks like a news story, except it, clicks directly to your landing page or website. See an example below.

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We can get your sponsored link live within hours of you getting us the content. It will automatically run until the number of clicks you purchase has been achieved.

Our sponsored link product is designed to drive traffic directly to a landing page or website of your choosing. This cuts out any unnessecary steps and delivers you the best possible results. It is sold on a per click basis.

We guarantee the number of clicks you purchase will be delivered or your money back.

We sell all of our campaigns on a guaranteed click basis. Set your budget below and we will quote the guaranteed clicks.

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Why trust Techday
Techday runs a network of 16 tech news sites around the world.

Over our 15 year history we have done business with every leading vendor or distributor in technology industry.

We employ specialist journalists with vast experience.

Lastly we offer a money back guarantee for delivery of the clicks/traffic agreed.