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Victorian Govt devotes $17.6 m to Cyber Security Strategy

02 May 18

The Victorian Government will devote $17.6 million of the 2018/2019 budget to deliver the state’s first ever Cyber Security Strategy.

The strategy will protect government agencies and networks from cyber hacking threats, and it will also help to protect the privacy of Victorian residents.

The state has been working towards stronger cybersecurity capabilities and moving away from a method through which individual agencies set their own security measures.

“This funding will ensure we have the strong cyber security capabilities we need to protect the delivery of public services across the whole of the government,” a statement claims.

The budget includes $2.6 million to assist the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner to support government in protecting Victorians’ privacy.

The Andrews Labor Government will also contribute funding to address the skills shortage. Its aim is to help attract, develop, and retain cybersecurity public sector employees.

The government says this will help position Victoria as the tech capital of Australia, and a world leader in defending against cyber threats.

According to Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy Philip Dalidakis, cybersecurity is crucial to Victoria.

“Not only does it help us protect local businesses from cybercrime, but it’s a growing industry that is becoming a big part of our economy.”

Government networks across the world are being targeted by organised criminals, political ‘hacktivists’ and foreign governments that want to infiltrate, steal from and disrupt government services. This is a marked change from ‘unsophisticated lone hackers’, the state says.

“We’re getting on with delivering Victoria’s first ever Cyber Security Strategy so we can stay ahead of cyber criminals and protect Victorians’ personal information,” comments Special Minister of State, Gavin Jennings.

“This boost will also build upon our state’s position as the tech capital of Australia and a world-leader in tackling cyber threats,” Jennings says.

In 2017 The Victorian Government also appointed its first ever chief information security officer, John O’Driscoll.

O’Driscoll oversees the government’s responses to ongoing cyber threats. He also oversees the deployment of governance arrangements that allow Emergency Management Victoria to intervene in cyber emergencies.

The Andrews Labor Government will also invest $8.5 million to deliver the Independent Remuneration Tribunal so that politicians no longer set their own pay. This will bring the state into line with other jurisdictions.

Legislation is currently before the Victorian Parliament to create the Tribunal, with their decisions effective from the beginning of the next Parliament.

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