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A guide to compliance in this new world of legislation

The very definition of the word cybersecurity is constantly expanding and shifting as the digital world grows.

The latest challenge that many cybersecurity professionals are facing is keeping organisations compliant with global regulations, from the new and much-discussed GDPR to the privacy laws that have been around for years.

Keeping an organisation compliant is more than ensuring it will pass an audit - it requires a thoughtful and comprehensive solution.

To help security professionals expand their understanding of how to keep the organisations they are responsible for safe from finding a hefty fine at their doorstep, SailPoint has released a detailed 10-page whitepaper.

The whitepaper explains that identity management is an area of particular concern to CIOs, CISOs and other security and risk personnel, as failure to effectively manage user access places companies at increased risk of sabotage, fraud and data breaches.

But more than just an explanation, the whitepaper gives detailed and informed advice on how to leverage identity management solutions to create a sustainable compliance solution, even as laws continue to evolve.

SailPoint’s Get Compliant and Stay Compliant whitepaper will teach you:

  • The questions to be asking to ensure the adequate controls necessary for compliance
  • Why identity management is a vital part of ensuring compliance
  • How to leverage automation to keep compliance consistently up to date
  • Five clear, followable steps for implementing identity governance
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